Camila Cabello is opening up about releasing music during a pandemic.

The singer, 24, joined “Kyle & Jackie O Show” to promote her latest single, “Don’t Go Yet”, and admitted it feels “weird” to put out music while the Delta variant of COVID-19 runs rampant through the United States.

“Delta variant has just gotten crazy here, and it was just starting to feel normal and good again. And it was so nice. It would just completely suck if we kept heading in this direction,” she said.

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The “Cinderella” actress added, “It feels honestly weird now. It’s weird to get a sense… I don’t know, it was so fun making music and I feel like putting it out… because you’re not seeing people and you’re not feeling that energy from people, it can kind of feel like you don’t really know what’s going on when a song comes out.”

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So for now, Cabello is looking forward to when “things get better.”

“Sometimes it feels like you don’t get that energy back that I feel like you used to just because everything’s kind of online,” she explained. “I don’t check social media and stuff, so I’m not really seeing that either. It is kind of weird. I can’t wait for things to get better.”