Matt Damon is the latest celebrity to take on the “Hot Ones” challenge.

The actor, who has been busy promoting his new movie “Stillwater”, struggled through the wings of death as he was questioned about his lengthy movie career by host Sean Evans.

Between discussions about some of his films including “Good Will Hunting”, “Saving Private Ryan” and the “Bourne” series, Damon proved he’s pretty good with spice as he chowed down on the 10 wings in front of him.

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However, as per usual, Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity took things up a notch and Damon questioned, “Why?” while mopping his head continuously, later saying how his scalp was sweating.

He told Evans, “That’s really f**king hot. Sean, this is terrible. It doesn’t feel good in my stomach either.”

After struggling to get through the last three wings, Damon admitted: “I might throw up! I mean I won’t do it on camera.

“It’s like they’ve done something to the lining of my stomach, my kids are going to be so happy.”

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Evans finished up the interview by asking him to name his best movies, with the actor laughing: “There’s sweat coming down my neck in actual drops.”

He then said they were “Stillwater”, “Good Will Hunting”, “The Informant”, “Courage Under Fire” and maybe “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

See more in the clip above.