“Captain America” has become one of the most successful breakout movies in the Marvel Universe, in addition to Chris Evans’ portrayal of Steve Rogers in the “Avengers” series. More recently, Anthony Mackie has taken up the reigns in “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”.

However, there is one question that fans have wondered again and again–is Captain America a virgin?

Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely spoke with Yahoo! about building Cap’s world including the early days of imaging Jake Gyllenhaal as the superhero.

“They would do sketches of the costumes and sometimes they’ll just pick an actor and put him in the costume,” McFeely recalled of starting out. “Maybe it’s a wish-fulfilment thing or something but I remember a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal-as-Cap pictures.”

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Eventually, Chris Evans was cast after some hesitation of not wanting a “Fantastic Four” repeat.

“He was very conscious of not wanting snark,” Markus said. “It was a very good understanding of Captain America, which is that if this guy’s going to fly as a character and as an authority figure, eventually, he’s got to have the gravity right away, no matter what the situation. Which is what we all came to realize, that Steve Rogers was born Captain America, he just didn’t have the body for it. And Evans got that. I think he may have taken a joke or two out is what I remember.”

But seeing as Steve Rogers was frozen for 60 years, Marvel fans have joked about if and when he had time to lose his virginity.

“I think he loses his virginity!” McFeely said. “Why do people think he’s a virgin?”

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He then went into detail about when the deed likely happened.

“If you look like that, and you’re going to city to city, and you’re signing autographs for the likes of the ladies that he’s signing the autographs for, I’ve got to imagine that [he lost his virginity],” he continued.

Markus added, “Yeah and the thing to remember is Steve Rogers isn’t a prude. He may be occasionally presented that way. He’s a guy that believes in right and wrong and all these things, but he’s not a choirboy. He’s a World War II veteran.”