Idris Elba is proud of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but his DC character is on another level.

Appearing on talk show “Desus & Mero”, the star of “The Suicide Squad” shared his feelings about appearing as both Heimdall in the “Thor” films and Bloodsport in the new DC flick.

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Elba recalled the racist response to his casting as Heimdall years ago, inciting his departure from Twitter at the time.

“When you’re African, you basically work twice as hard,” he said, calling out white soccer fans for their racism against Black players.

But when it comes to joining the DC universe to play Bloodsport, Elba is proud his character is “the only guy to put Superman in hospital.”

“Call me sick, but I’m kinda proud of that.”

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In the comic books, the non-superpowered Bloodsport took down Superman with a kryptonite bullet, which is referenced in a line in the new film.

As a parting gift, the “Desus & Mero” show set off Elba with a flashing sign reading, “Bloodsport Kicked Superman’s A**.”