Darren Criss is more than ready to admit that not all of the covers on “Glee” were pitch-perfect.

Criss took a trip down memory lane when he dropped by the “LadyGang” podcast, co-hosted by fellow “Glee” alum Becca Tobin. It turns out there were many to choose from as Criss took time sifting through his mental library.

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“Oof, that’s too hard, there are too many versions of songs,” Criss said. “Did I just accidentally say they’re all bad? What I meant was there are too many options to choose from.”

“There is one that is conventionally understood as a huge oops f**k,” Criss continued, before adding, “Me being the f**king happy go lucky fart that I am, I enjoyed it because I thought it was so absurd.”

The dishonour was awarded to a puppet-filled cover of “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” by Ylvis.

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“It was so weird,” Criss said of the season 5 scene. “It was one of these 15 minutes of fame for this song and they just decided to put it into the show… I had fun because it was ridiculous. But we were so deep into the show, we were like fourth or fifth season, and we were so delirious from the absurdity of it.”

“The more absurd it is, the funnier it is to me,” he added. “So I’m sure there were people who were like, ‘What the f— is this?’ and I was like, ‘I know, right?!'”