Jay Leno isn’t just a car lover, he’s a stuntman!

Appearing on “Spike’s Car Radio”, the former “Tonight Show” host shared a video taken of him performing an incredible aerial stunt on the front of a flying plane.

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In the video, Leno can be seen popping up on the outside of the plane, hanging onto the nose and mimicking climbing up the windshield like a movie monster.

“Car Radio” host Spike Feresten, amazed by the clip, asked if the stunt was real.

“Yeah, it’s a real airplane,” Leno said. “The nose opens from the inside, so I climbed out.”

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Asked why he would ever do such a thing, the comedian said, “I wanted to surprise the guys. I was with some friends of mine and they didn’t know the front of the plane opened, so I went up to the front and then climbed up on the windshield.”