Thomas Doherty has been working around the clock on the “Gossip Girl” reboot, perhaps at the expense of his health.

Doherty catches up with Variety for the publication’s Power of Young Hollywood issue. The actor, 26, contracted COVID-19 a few days prior to the interview and he described the symptoms as “mild,” but says he briefly lost his sense of smell and taste.

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“I was to go to coffee with you, and then straight after, at 6 o’clock, I was meant to get vaccinated,” Doherty says. “We booked it. And then I got COVID.”

Doherty says he delayed his COVID-19 vaccination due to the around-the-clock demand of filming “Gossip Girl” since October. The actor plays Max, a pansexual character, in the reboot, an experience he identified as liberating.

“I have always seen sexuality as a spectrum. But playing Max, a pansexual character, was incredibly liberating,” Doherty shares. “It was very educational, and it definitely made me challenge my own preconceived notions, my indoctrination, of ‘This is who you love, this is what you do, everything else is wrong.’”

“I think it is very limiting, and I think as I get older and experience life a little bit more, you constantly evolve and you’re constantly growing,” he says of sexual identities. “I feel like labels limit you. They’re almost walls to your growth.”

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Doherty, who is reportedly dating model Yasmin Wijnaldum, gives a coy answer when asked to identify his own sexuality.

“It’s just been girls,” he says. “That’s a preference. But 26, living in New York…” he trails off with a devilish smile.