Stephen Amell knows all about fans’ thirst tweets, and shared his thoughts on some of the more racy entries in a YouTube video for BuzzFeed.

“Now they told me that I could read them before in my head and skip the ones that I thought were maybe inappropriate,” he began, adding: “F**k that, I’m going for it.”

Things started out wholesomely enough, with the a tweet asking the Almighty why He “put the ocean inside Stephen Amell’s eyes.” However, it didn’t take long for the tweets to take a raunchier direction, such as the Twitter user who offered to “lick” him with “grace.”

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Meanwhile, another tweet served up a “blazing hot take” about Amell in “Arrow”, noting that “Canada’s a** is even better than America’s a**. Thank u for your butt, Stephen Amell.”

“Shoutout to you, Chris Evans,” quipped Amell, referencing the “Captain America” star.

As the video wound to a conclusion, Amell shared an unexpected revelation.

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“I didn’t anticipate this happening, but by the end of this, I find myself actually, like, a little turned on,” he admitted.