Barbra Streisand is opening up about Prince Charles.

Streisand, 79, and Charles, 72, met in 1974 and their names are still intertwined. The 10-time Grammy winner dropped by ITV’s “Lorraine” on Thursday and talked about their friendship.

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“I saw this bouquet of flowers and I said, ‘Who sent me that?’ and my assistant said, ‘A fan called Charles,'” she recalled. “I looked and they weren’t from a florist, they were from his gardens and she mistook it as a fan. It was so funny,’ the “Funny Girl” star quipped. ‘That’s Prince Charles! That was before he met Diana.

“It was so sweet. I was recording at Warner Brothers and he asked to meet me,” Streisand continued. “I offered him a sip of tea and I thought, They didn’t have to test me for poison or something!

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Streisand and Charles met on the set of the former’s 1974 film “Funny Lady”. They again linked up in 1994 when she performed for his Prince’s Trust charity at the Wembley Arena in London.

“We became friends and I loved spending time at Highgrove and spending some time with him.”