2021 is shaping up to be the year of Nicolas Cage. After starring in the critically acclaimed “Pig” and the animatronic mascot-fighting “Willy’s Wonderland”, Cage will be seen in a samurai-western from genre-bending cult favourite director Sion Sono.

The first trailer for “Prisoners Of The Ghostland” shows Cage as Hero, a leather-clad bank robber enlisted by a wealthy kingpin (Nick Cassavetes) in a samurai-western town to exchange his freedom for that of his kidnapped granddaughter (Sofia Boutella). Of course, being a Sono film, it’s not quite that simple. Strapped to Hero is a time-activated bomb that will go off if he fails to complete his mission in time.

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The bonkers trailer teases plenty of bloody battles, explosions, samurai fights, and all-round gonzo weirdness in the film that premiered earlier this year at Sundance where it earned positive reviews for genre fans and Cage and Sono diehards.

“Prisoners Of The Ghostland” will be released on September 17.