Saying goodbye to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” wasn’t easy.

On Wednesday, star Andy Samberg appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, and the actor opened up about the emotional experience of shooting the show’s eighth and final season.

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“As it got towards the end, it got really emotionally rough,” Samberg said. “Because we all realized it was truly ending and we all love each other and [loved] spending all that time together for eight years.”

He added, “There was a lot of crying at the wrong times. Like, there’s scenes where you can argue you should cry. And then there’s other stuff where I just fell out and I’d be like, ‘I just realized it’s the last time Terry’s going to say he loves yogurt!'”

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Samberg also looked back on the show’s second life after initially being cancelled by Fox after its fifth season in 2018. NBC ended up picking the show back up for its final three seasons.

“When it got canceled, it was sort of part of the press train about something else, like, ‘Hey, fans can save shows! Isn’t that interesting?'” he said. “And then we were the example that was getting news so much. So it was kind of, like, culturally a little moment.”

He added that fans have been just as passionate about the show in person, telling Meyers, “I remember we were flying to New York for the upfronts and everyone at the airport was like, ‘Hey! Congrats on the show getting picked up!’ And I was like, ‘Since when do people follow the inner workings of, you know, shows?'”