Heidi Montag is documenting her hysteroscopic polypectomy surgery.

“The Hills: New Beginnings” star underwent surgery on Wednesday in hopes of finding a way to remedy her fertility problems.

“Hopefully after this, I can get pregnant right away,” Montag said in her YouTube video.

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Montag and Spencer Pratt are already parents Gunner, 3. She is hoping with the uterine polyps removed, she will be able to get pregnant with their second child.

“I can have intercourse in two days,” Montag detailed. “Hopefully I am ovulating because [the doctor] was like, ‘Well maybe you’re ovulating every other month.’ We’ll see. I’m just so happy I had this done. I’m feeling good. I have no cramping and the anesthesia felt great.”

She then thanked the medical staff before Pratt picked her up with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

Instagram Story. Photo: @heidimontag/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @heidimontag/Instagram

Montag returned to Instagram Stories to tell her fans that the doctor updated her to tell her “there were not as many polyps removed as I thought.”

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“Part of me was a little disappointed like, ‘Aw man is that not the reason that I’m not getting pregnant?'” she said. “So I kind of felt a little defeated, but I’m just going to count my blessings. I’m glad I got them removed for process of elimination and also they can turn cancerous so it’s good to have them out.”

Montag added, “‘I’m so thankful for the child I have. I’m going to have faith. I’m meant to have another one. I’m gonna have another one. Let it go. I have a beautiful house, food, water, a husband I love, a healthy son. What else can you do?”