Miranda Cosgrove paid an in-studio visit to “The Tonight Show” on Thursday and regaled host Jimmy Fallon with anecdotes about some of the shenanigans taking place on the set of the new “iCarly” reboot.

Among them is a friendly rivalry with co-star Jerry Trainor, who plays her onscreen brother.

According to Cosgrove, it all began when Trainor asked if Cosgrove could “hook him up” with a spray tan, and she was happy to oblige.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to wash it off, and showed up the next morning at a promotional event with a bright orange face. “He looks like the colour of the [Nickelodeon] blimp,” Fallon joked.

“So he was very upset and he blamed me,” Cosgrove revealed, which all came to a head when they were filming an episode in which her character makes “a crazy, hideous face” that then forms the basis for an Andy Warhol-inspired piece of artwork.

“So he asked if he could take it home when we finished the episode, and he put it up at his house to get me back.”

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Trainor, in fact, took to Instagram to share some pics of the portrait in order to have some fun at Cosgrove’s expense.