Elijah Wood is the latest guest/victim to participate in “Hot Ones”, the only online talk show in which celebrities eat increasingly spicy hot wings while answering questions.

Marking his second appearance, the actor discusses “The Lord of the Rings” and his obsession with video games, explaining why he thinks “Grand Theft Auto” would make an amazing movie.

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In fact, “LOTR” fans will be fascinated by Wood’s description of the clever CGI-free camera tricks that made Sir Ian McKellen’s Gandalf appear so much bigger than his character, Frodo the Hobbit.

In addition, Wood also talks about his new movie, “No Man of God”, while eating wings so insanely hot they bring tears to his eyes.

“This is gonna suck later, it really is,” says Wood as he bites into a wing seasoned with a sauce called “Da Bomb,” boasting a Scoville rating of 135,600 and bearing the imprint, “Beyond Insanity.”