It’s going to be another great year for Camila Cabello.

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Not only is she starring in the upcoming musical film “Cinderella”, but she’s also releasing her highly-anticipated third studio album, Familia.

While catching up with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, the Grammy winner opens up about trusting her own instincts while creating her new record and reveals the last person she said “don’t go yet” to.

“Shawn [Mendes], probably today,” Cabello shared. “He’s like ‘I have to go workout’ and I’m like ‘No, don’t go yet!'”

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It’s safe to say that the “Don’t Go Yet” music video gives off party vibes, and to our delight, Cabello says it was definitely super fun to film.

“My dad was there, my sister was there, my Mom was there, my cousins were there, my sisters friends were there, my friends were there,” she said. “You know, people were drunk. It was a vibe!”

Of course, being surrounded by family in the music video has the 24-year-old dreaming of the time in her life where she’ll have her own large familia.

“That would be like the dream scenario, not to just have like, kids and grandkids and stuff, but a s**t ton of friends and friendships that have grown over the years,” Cabello admitted. “I think that’s def like the dream to get to that point, where you just have a whole table of people that you love and love you.”

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When it comes to her music, Cabello reveals that she’s now finally learning to trust her own instincts.

“I used to do something before where I’d be asking everybody ‘Is this good, is this good, is this good? Is this bad? Is this good?” and with art, you either resonate with it and like it, or you don’t,” she said.

Continued Cabello: “Once like, I know how I feel about something, I’ll share it with Shawn, I’ll share it with my manager. But, I think the first person who has to know how I feel about it is me.”