Lizzo says her latest single “Rumors” accidentally manifested a breakup.

While promoting the new track, the Grammy winning singer, 33, revealed some details behind writing the song to Zane Lowe on “New Music Daily” on Apple Music.

“Here’s the Apple exclusive,” she teased. “I said ‘my ex, he blew it.’ Now, the tea is, I wrote that. I’m almost a self-fulfilling prophecy sometimes because I was in a relationship during the quarantine and that person, I was with that person when I wrote it. It wasn’t even about him. It was a reference back to ‘Truth Hurts’ and then we broke up. It’s not funny. It’s not funny. What is life?”

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She continued, “That first verse of ‘Rumors,’ I’ve been worried about it. A lot of the things that I say did happen, but not before I wrote them. They were maybe on the way to happening. Then, after I wrote them, all those things really happened. They were all references to things that happened to me in the last two or three years, but then after I wrote it, literally I wrote the song in February, the breakup, losing good friends in my life, all of that really came to a head afterwards. I was like, ‘What the…'”

During the interview, Lizzo also reflected on her fellow women in rap.

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“Here we are and people go f**king nuts. There’s something about us, man. And there were women rapping, and there always have been,” she said. “It feels like the flood gates have opened. I feel like where it was difficult to get through, and you had to be exceptional or you had to have the right co-sign or you had to have help, now it’s just like, ‘Bitch was good.’ A big butt and a smile, and I got eight bars. What’s good? Let’s go. Like, I love it. I don’t want it to stop. I want it to keep going. I want a whole festival where it’s just girls rapping, and not because they’re girls, just because we’re the best ones.”

“Rumors” is the first single off of Lizzo’s highly anticipated upcoming album, which is reportedly due out by year’s end.