Alicia Silverstone is revisiting her best-known role yet again.

Ever since the actress joined TikTok back in June, she’s been hilariously recreating scenes from “Clueless”, and on Saturday she shared another.

This time out, she’s joined by “Project Runway” winner Christian Siriano to re-enact the scene in which she makes a move on her crush, Christian, played by Justin Walker in the movie.

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“My feet are cold,” Silverstone says as Cher while she strokes Siriano’s foot with hers while they watch the same movie they did in “Clueless”, the 1960 historical epic “Spartacus”.

Silverstone then flips her hair in hopes of getting Siriano’s attention, but instead sends herself rolling off the bed.

Check out Silverstone’s previous recreations of scenes from “Clueless”, featuring her son Bear.


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