WARNING: Article contains spoilers about the season finale of “The White Lotus”

Murray Bartlett is opening up about Sunday’s season finale of “The White Lotus“. 

The actor plays unhinged resort manager Armond in the hit HBO satire comedy-drama series.

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Viewers who watched the finale will know that Armond was stabbed to death by his nemesis Shane (Jake Lacy) after he defecated in the resort guest’s fully packed suitcase. 

“It was a shock to me when Armand died. I didn’t expect it,” admitted Bartlett in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly“Yeah, I mean, there were moments along the way where I thought it was a possibility. But it was definitely shocking in a great way. I feel like it’s sort of fitting in some ways. So yeah, I was equally shocked and kind of satisfied.”

Speaking about the shocking suitcase scene, Bartlett said, “I did not expect it to be that explicit, because it wasn’t written that way. And then we shot all this coverage with closeups and cutting from this to that.”

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“So my initial response when I watched it was horror [laughs], and a moment afterwards I was like, ‘Well, of course, it has to be that.’ It’s so brilliant because it’s so unexpected and so shocking in a way that it should be in that scene. It’s weirdly satisfying, but disgusting and horrifying.”

On saying a final goodbye to Armond, he added, “What a roller-coaster ride of a character to play. It’s an actor’s dream.”

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