Frankie Grande makes a stunning appearance in Macy Gray and the California Jet Club’s music video for “Undone”.

In the video for Gray’s new collective, Ariana Grande’s brother performs a burlesque-style striptease in drag while alone in a bedroom, mouthing along to the lyrics.

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According to Rolling Stone, Gray and Grande premiered the music video at a special viewing party at Soho House West Hollywood Friday night.

Nicole Scherzinger and Natasha Bedingfield were among those in attendance.

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Grande previously told the publication of the vid, “I was extremely excited and comfortable with this role and this project, as well as unbelievably honoured to be asked to star in this video.

“Macy and I spoke about the song and the message she was hoping to convey about how unrequited love can cause a person to become undone, as well as her vision for me to be in drag. I immediately gravitated toward the concept.”

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