Princess Diana’s surprise stage performance for Prince Charles got the full “The Crown” treatment.

On Monday, Netflix released a never-before-seen clip from the royal Netflix drama, featuring Emma Corrin’s full performance of the song “All I Ask of You” from The Phantom of the Opera.

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In the original scene, while viewers heard Corrin singing the classic song, the show focused mostly on Josh O’Connor’s performance as Charles, reacting awkwardly.

Though there is some historical dispute over whether Diana in real-life sang the Andrew Lloyd Webber song, or simply danced to it, the show had Corrin perform the song in full.

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In the show, Diana does the surprise performance in the hopes of smoothing over her strained marriage to Charles, while in real life the royal couple divorced only four years later, in 1992.

In their audition for “The Crown”, creator Peter Morgan actually had Corrin perform the song for him on the spot, the actor revealed to The Los Angeles Times.