Fans will soon see Regina Hall in “Nine Perfect Strangers” alongside a star-studded cast that features Melissa McCarthy, Manny Jacinto, and of course, Nicole Kidman, who really got into her character.

Hall told WSJ Magazine, “It was so funny because I didn’t hear Nicole without an accent until she wrapped, when she finished her last scene, which was a little bit before us. She gave a thank-you speech when she was leaving, and I was like, ‘That’s her!’ She really stayed in her accent. There were moments where I would look in between [scenes] and see the Nicole smile. She has such a warmth about her,” Hall recalled.

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In the Hulu series, Hall plays Carmel, who undergoes therapy at Kidman’s wellness retreat.

Hall said she could relate to Carmel’s search for wellness but admitted she is better at spiritual and mental self-care — transcendental meditation, for instance — joking that physical care takes a backseat, “My toes and I, we need a pedicure.”

While some of the procedures in the show are rather experimental, Hall said it didn’t change her view on the industry.

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“I love wellness. It made me think of how I wish everyone had access to it. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve discovered it in my life. I do believe it serves us so much. For me, in terms of having a break, calibrating, changing how I might look at things, that kind of forces you to take responsibility for a lot of stuff in your life,” she told the publication.

Hall’s own wellness routine includes waking up between 6:30 a.m. and 7:15 a.m., washing her face day and night, and moisturizing.

She also admitted to checking her phone first thing when she wakes, but at least she sleeps with it on silent.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” will premiere on Hulu on Aug. 18.