Ryan Sutter is saying “adios” to his knee. 

The “Bachelorette” winner took to Instagram to share a photo of his huge scar after undergoing surgery to replace the joint. 

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Sutter captioned the picture with a lengthy tribute to his “old friend”.

“We came into the world together, bound by blood and bone,” he began. “We sought challenge, taking on each one in a joint effort. Though you bent, you never broke.” 

Sutter continued, “You brought balance, strength and hyperextension of life’s adventures. We skinned up mountains, scraped our way through miles of racing and bruised opponents (and ourself) on the gridiron. There was pain.”

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“Plenty of that but nothing a few shots couldn’t handle. We certainly took a lot of shots,” he wrote. “You got me through the most difficult year of my life, draining pints of fluid from within but never leaving me drained of spirit.”

Concluding his post, the former football player added, “You taught me perseverance, resilience and how to recognize when neither is the right choice. You taught me to relax, to recover and finally to replace those things in life that are holding us back – even the things we love, like you. So now I say goodbye, knowing the core of your structure remains and that, moving forward, you’ve left me everything I kneed…” 

It’s been a challenging time for Sutter, who recently opened up about being diagnosed his Lyme disease. 

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Sutter and wife Trista have been together since meeting on the first ever season of “The Bachelorette” back in 2003.