Maren Morris sang a song for stoners as she guest-hosted Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The country star made the trip from Nashville to Los Angeles to do the honours, with her discussing getting vaccinated, kids going back to school, and more during her monologue.

She joked, “Like most people I’ve had a stressful year, mostly because when I wear a mask, my name sounds like Karen.”

Morris also explained how she’d given birth to her first baby, son Hayes Andrew Hurd, in March 2020.

She told the audience, “Which means I’ve spent the whole pandemic in quarantine with an infant. So basically, this next hour is a vacation for me.”

Morris then mentioned how virtual guest Willie Nelson, who owns a cannabis label called Willie’s Reserve, had sent her some brownies seeing as he couldn’t be there in person.

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This led her to perform a new song; a guide for Americans on where you can and can’t smoke weed. Morris said she’d spent the weekend doing research.

She then crooned, “Blaze across the U.S.A., let’s light up legally. From the purple hazy mountains, from sea to THC.”

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Give the clip a watch above, and see Nelson talk about his marijuana business, his long-standing poker game with Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, and more below.