The dark side of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire will be exposed in a new 10-part A&E docuseries, “Secrets of Playboy”.

In a trailer for the upcoming series, people who were once in Hef’s inner circle talk about their own experiences with Playboy.

“There was a side of Playboy that nobody wants to talk about,” says PJ Masten, once known as the Bunny Mother.

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While some talking heads in the clip call Hef “an advocate for sexual freedom and the First Amendment,” another insists that “he really did believe he owned these women.”

Also appearing in the trailer is Holly Madison, Hef’s one-time girlfriend and star of reality series “The Girls Next Door”, who hints at a sinister undercurrent within the world of Playboy.

“I didn’t realize that getting into the Playboy world was a dangerous choice,” Madison says.

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“He didn’t want people to know what was really going on,” states another interviewee, with another adding, “It was a beautiful world — it looked that way — but it was really ugly.”

“Secrets of Playboy” will air in early 2022.