Being candid is what it’s all about for Eboni K. Williams.

This week, the “Real Housewives of New York” star is on the new episode of “Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari” and talks about everything from dating, to rumours about fellow cast members.

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Talking about feeling empowered, Williams says, “I am actually really excited about dating with that mentality. You know, I’m not looking for dad anymore in my love life. I’m not looking to be saved. I’m not looking to be legitimized through a husband because I’m already legitimate.”

Omari also brings up the rumours that “RHONY” star Ramona Singer is getting the boot.

“She’s not fired. Let’s start with that,” Williams says. “Absolutely no casting decisions have been made and people that know ‘RHONY’, and know ‘Housewives’, know that they would never even consider what next season is going to look like before reunion.”

Williams adds, “I don’t advocate for anybody’s termination. That’s, I’m just I’m not that person personally.”

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After her first season with the show, Omari asks whether Williams plans on returning for another season.

“Listen, I think there’s a lot of variables with the second half of the season to play out,” she says. “There’s a reunion to tape and to witness how that lands. And then there’s, what does the cast potentially look like next season? I think all of those would be four of my considerations.”

She also says, “Am I invited back? If I’m invited back, then trust me, I will take that decision very seriously because it’s a high stakes choice for them and for me.”