Courteney Cox took to social media this week to showcase a makeup blunder that made her realize she’s going to let her glam squad handle things going forward.

In an Instagram video the “Friends” star shared on Tuesday, Cox is seen sitting in an on-set makeup chair while a hairstylist and makeup artist ply their respective trades on her famous face.

At one point, the sped-up video slows down to normal speed as Cox casually grabs a brush from her makeup artist’s desktop setup and applies a little powder on her nose.

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“I didn’t do anything! I just wanted a little powder… it’s the wrong shade,” Cox says as she realizes she now has a black smudge on the tip of her nose.

“Why do you have a brush with black on it?” she asks, only to be informed that particular brush had been used by her stylist to cover her grey roots.

Cox joked about her beauty blunder in the caption, writing, “Maybe I should leave it to the professionals… or should I?”