Netflix and UFC are teaming up to teach you how to fight like a “Sweet Girl”.

Ultimate Fighting Championship and Netflix collaborated on a new video posted to the former’s YouTube channel ahead of the “Sweet Girl” premiere. In the video, retired UFC fighter Paul Felder shares important self-defence tips.

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“You’ve really got to be careful out there and just knowing a few things will help so much,” Felder explained. “Knowing how to get up or hurt somebody while they’re trying to assault you is just so important. You gotta understand a little bit on how the body works and how to defend yourself.”

Felder, 37, also has acting experience and played roles in “It’s Alway Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Hacks”.

Martial arts training is something “Sweet Girl” stars Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced both advocate for.

“I love the martial arts and my children do it and I encourage it,” Momoa (“Game of Thrones”, “Aquaman”) shared.

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“I did a little jiu-jitsu growing up,” added Merced. “I loved doing it whenever I was in town. So when we started stunt training I kind of knew a bit.”

Netflix will premiere “Sweet Girl” on Aug. 20.