The Royal Family is full of avid photographers, but none more so than Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton.

On World Photography Day on Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge shared how “photography has an amazing ability to create a lasting record of what we have all experienced and are experiencing.”

On her official Instagram account, Kate posted more images from the recent Hold Still photography project that took place during the height of the pandemic.

Kate praised how “there is so much talent, creativity and curiosity displayed in each and every” photo. In total, 100 portraits were chosen to go on display.

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Kate has been active with the Hold Still project, even video calling some of the photographers and subjects such as Sami and Mila. Mila was in for a particular treat when she then later got to meet the duchess in person, who wore a “princess pink” dress just as she promised the young cancer patient.

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Family pictures of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis often involve Kate behind the camera.

Queen Elizabeth also celebrated the day, with the Royal Family Twitter account sharing three images of the Queen taking her own pictures. Queen Elizabeth is known for having always travelled with her own camera so she could document her experiences from her personal view and not that of the hundreds of photographers photographing her.