Lamar Odom nearly didn’t survive a debauched 2015 night at a Nevada brothel when fell comatose after suffering a near-fatal overdose, leading to an extended hospitalization and fears he may never recover.

Looking back at the incident more than six years later, Odom maintains the drugs that were in his system were not intentionally ingested.

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“I didn’t take anything that night,” he claimed in an interview with Facebook Watch series “Addiction Talk”, via a report in Page Six.

“I was really hurt and almost in some sense afraid because somebody just tried to take my life,” he added.

According to Odom, he was “embarrassed” when he awoke from his coma and discovered he’d overdosed, and told “Addiction Talk” that he now believes God spared his life because he didn’t intentionally ingest any drugs, but was drugged.

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However, he also looks back at the experience as his “rock bottom” that forced him to clean up his act and get sober.

The entire conversation can be seen in the video above.