Shawn Mendes is continuing his “Summer of Love”.

The Canadian singer debuted the music video for the single featuring Tainy on Friday.

Leading up to the release, Mendes shared a video of him strumming the guitar while seated on the beach in Spain. He conveniently wore a “Summer of Love” hoodie.

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He also shared another video captioned with the song title as he cruised the coast in a convertible as a clip of the song played over the radio.

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Mendes, girlfriend Camila Cabello and numerous friends were recently in Mallorca, Spain where they filmed the music video and also rang in Mendes’ 23rd birthday.

“This is me living my best life, with an espresso and this view,” Mendes said in a video posted on his birthday as Cabello panned to the ocean, ooo-ing in the background.

During the livestream event ahead of the release, Mendes was asked “is there new music this year?”

“There is always new music,” his songwriter Scott Harris jumped in to say.

“The answer is always ‘yes’,” Mendes later said. “If I said ‘no’, that would be a sad day.”

Speaking about the writing process Mendes said he was doubting things until they wrote the line “for a couple of months it felt like we were 18”. That was when things came together and it felt like the “crazy but special” time he and Cabello spent alone together during quarantine.