Lorde is back with new music over four years after her Grammy nominated album Melodrama came out.

The singer just dropped her third studio album Solar Power and revealed to ET Canada that time away from the spotlight really influenced her new sound, including her latest single “Stoned at the Nail Salon”.

As for who in her life had the best reaction to the track, she admits, “Oh, my god. My mom, I laughed for days.”

While “it’s been a minute” since Lorde was last stoned at the nail salon, she reveals “it is a favourite activity of mine.”

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At just 24-years-old, the New Zealand native is no stranger to success, having been nominated for five Grammys, and winning two for her massive hit “Royals” in 2014.

As for how she defines her own success, the singer explains: “It’s definitely not so much a commercial success or an awards type success, but if it is sort of a cultural consensus that I am making my best work and that I’m topping myself. You can sort of feel that as a musician when there’s a lot of goodwill for something that you’ve made.”

The singer worked with producer Jack Antonoff on her latest project, but reveals she’s the hardest on herself when it comes to critiquing her work.

“I don’t seek a lot of outside opinions on music, I’m not sure why that is,” she says. “I think I’m kind of just like if it’s doing it for me, I’m my own harshest critic by far. So if it’s getting past me, it’s probably okay.”

While music is definitely the number one focus, Lorde reveals if she wasn’t a singer-songwriter she could see herself working in the food industry, which comes as no surprise thanks to her onion-ring-rating Instagram account, appropriately titled “Onion Rings Worldwide”.

Although she hasn’t reviewed the crispy side dish since April, Lorde reveals she’s still active on the account: “Every once in a while, I’ll pop a review up if I eat a ring. But yes, it has been a minute. It’s been it’s been a minute between rings. I won’t lie but I know I’ll always love them. It’s kind of a perfect food.”

Watch our full interview with Lorde below.