With the final season of “The Walking Dead” upon us, the cast is looking at what the post-post-apocalypse might be like.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star Norman Reedus talked about what’s in store for his character Daryl ahead of the 11th season premiere.

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“Daryl’s always looking out for somebody, or many people at the same time,” the actor said. “He’s never doing anything for himself, ever.”

But after 10 seasons of sacrificing himself for others, even Reedus thinks Daryl might need some me time.

“Daryl needs a spa day,” he joked. “He needs a massage. You know what I mean? He is a selfless guy. He needs some ‘me time’ really bad.”

Before that happens, though, Daryl will have to deal with one more season of zombie-fuelled drama, and the fact that things are coming to an end has been ever-present on set.

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“We do have a lot more to do, so we’re kind of focused on that, but it comes up every day anyway between me and the crew and the cast,” Reedus said. “I live in Georgia pretty much. I live in New York, but I only go there when I’m on vacation from here really. And it’s been like that for a long time. So yeah, do I sell my house here? Do I move? I’ve got a garage full of motorcycles. What do I do with them? There’s all those types of life questions that pop up all the time.”

He added, “Those last two months are going to go by in like a week.”

Season 11 of “The Walking Dead” premieres Sunday, Aug. 22, and will conclude in 2022.