Ashley Wahler is hitting back at Spencer Pratt and his comments about “The Hills: New Beginnings”.

During an interview on the “Bougie Adjacent” podcast this week, the hairstylist, who appears on the hit MTV reality show, called out her co-star. She also spilled on where things stand between her, Pratt and his wife Heidi Pratt.

“It was so awkward with the group at the end of the season because people felt like they had to pick sides, which is not what we wanted,” said Wahler, “It became kind of alliances in a weird way.”

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While season two ended with Wahler and the Pratts agreeing not to be friends, Wahler says she soon saw the couple talking smack about her and their castmates and the show all over social media.

“Right when the show airs, they talk about how much they hate us, how fake we are … I thought the whole point is we were not going to talk s**t about us after the show,” said Wahler. “I guess that’s where we leave it.”

Wahler later reacted to Pratt blaming the cast for not giving them compelling footage or storylines, calling the comments disrespectful to the crew.

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“It’s kinda sad because when you hear the things they say about the show and everyone’s such an awful person, it’s super frustrating because it doesn’t matter what you say about the cast, we’re boring, we’re not cool, whatever, you’re better, we get it. But you’re literally saying these things and you’re not hurting us — we don’t care what you say about us — you’re hurting the people behind the scenes that worked their ass off for 14 months on this show,” she said. “If they don’t get a third season, they might not get another job. So by you sitting there reaming the show, talking about how horrible it is, it really hurts all the people in post that worked so hard to edit it, that worked so hard to be there filming it. Here are all these people that put their lives on the line, got tested every day, having to isolate from family members .. and you’re sitting there saying, ‘No, worst show ever, we don’t want anything to do with it, new cast, never coming back.'”

She added, “Don’t discredit all those people that worked the hardest, which is not you because you’re getting the biggest paycheck probably out of everybody in this cast. Don’t do that. It’s just bad timing. I wish they would read the room a little more sometimes.”

While a third season is still unconfirmed, should it happen, Wahler says she’d be “100%” open to returning.