***This article contains spoilers about the “American Horror Stories” season finale***




Dylan McDermott is opening up about the unexpected twist in the “American Horror Stories” season finale. 

The actor reprised his role as Dr. Ben Harmon after first appearing as the character in “American Horror Story” season 1 all the way back in 2011.

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The new spinoff series placed McDermott back in the original Murder House, but many fans were left surprised after the mind-bending finale revealed that the characters were actually in a video game based on the show. 

Sharing his thoughts on the ending, McDermott told Too Fab, “This is the big question. Was this the video game? Did the house burn down in the video game or did the house burn down in real life? Are they now set free or was it just a video game and Murder House is still there?”

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He continued, “I played it as if it was real, I couldn’t play it as if it was a video game, so I kind of kept it as real. But you just never know with the mind of Ryan Murphy. Will he bring back Ben Harmon? Will he bring back the characters of Murder House? We’re gonna have to wait for him. I think [the Murder House] might be there forever.”

McDermott also spoke about working with younger cast members, including stars like Noah Cyrus and Paris Jackson. 

“It really was like passing the torch,” he said. “Like this younger generation coming up and kind of giving it to them. It’s theirs now. This show is going to continue, it has legs and it’s going to be around for another 20 years. It’s nice to see the younger people come up and give it to them, say, Okay, it’s yours now, you take this. That was fun really, because I was the OG on the set and now all these young people coming up, it felt good.”

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On whether fans will be spotting him in the “AHS” franchise again, McDermott added, “I’m always down to play Ben. He’s like a good friend, so I go back and get ready to cry again somewhere.”

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