It’s been 35 years since “Stand by Me” hit theatres, and the iconic coming-of-age drama is as powerful now as it was then. Stars Jerry O’Connell and Corey Feldman are celebrating the milestone anniversary by looking back at the lasting impact of the hit film.

“It’s like a badge of honour having been a part of ‘Stand by Me’,” O’Connell recently shared with ET’s Matt Cohen. “Because it’s not just a good movie. It’s not like people just come up to me and go, ‘Hey, man, that movie was great!’ … They usually stop me [and] they pull me aside and say, ”Stand by Me’ meant so much to not only me, but to my dad, to my kids.'”

“It’s just one of those [things], it spans generations,” he added.

“It’s always an honour to have people remember your work at all, you know what I mean?” Feldman chimed in. “There’s so much out there, there’s so much great art, there’s so many great films, and I just feel honoured and privileged to be part of any film that people actually cherish, that people still hold in a high regard.”