Julia Michaels is giving her razor a break in order to spread a message of body positivity.

On Friday, the “If the World Was Ending” singer took to Instagram to share a photo of herself on a digital magazine cover, YOU, with her arms lifted above her head to proudly expose her unshaven armpit.

“Dear gems, i dont know about you, but I’ve been pretty fed up with beauty standards and societal norms for a while now,” she wrote in the caption.

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“Tired of people telling me how I should have a f**king body. What I should wear on it. How I should act with it. What I should f**king shave off of it,” she continued.

“Because of this I’m creating YOU, a monthly digital cover to show how amazing I think YOU are and because the only beauty standard you should need is YOU,” she announced.

“And to celebrate you, I want your face on my magazine cover. It starts with me, but it ends with you. Show me all the things you hate, so I and we can prove you wrong,” she told her followers. “Send me your pics and each month, I’ll post one of you, on YOU. Welcome :)”

This isn’t the first time that Michaels has displayed her armpit hair for a similar purpose.

Back in June, she shared some selfies on Instagram showcasing her underarms.

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“People are always going to have something to say about you or your body. They will always try to attack you when you’re feeling the most happy or the most yourself you’ve ever been,” she wrote in the caption. “To that I say go eat a bag of worms.”