Lorde took over “The Late Late Show” on Monday night.

Host James Corden and his cohorts returned to “The Late Show” after a summer break, only for Corden to be informed that Lorde has been booked as the special guest host all week.

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That’s right, “The Late Late Show” is now “The Lorde Lorde Show” from Monday, Aug. 23, through Thursday, Aug. 26.

“You had a commercial made for Lorde as the host?” an irate Corden asked. “I hate to break it to you but my contract says that I, and only me, am the host of ‘The Late Late Show’.”

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In walked Lorde, looking dapper in a yellow suit, to claim what is rightfully hers.

Later in the show, Lorde performed the titular track from her third studio album Solar Power. It officially dropped on Aug. 17 to split critical feedback but strong streaming numbers.