Jason Tartick‘s walk with his dog took a scary turn. On Sunday, the 32-year-old “Bachelorette” alum revealed on Instagram that he was hit by a car while walking Pinot, one of the two pups he shares with his fiancée, Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The “insane incident” occurred during a post-golf walk that Tartick took with Bristowe, Pinot, and the couple’s other dog, Ramen. It was when Bristowe and Ramen got one crosswalk ahead of Tartick and Pinot that the entrepreneur got “cranked by a car.”

“We get the go to walk, we go to walk, and boom! A car comes flying in hot,” Tartick recalled in a video, as Pinot sat by his side. “Sees us, hits the brakes, and cranks me. Absolutely cranks me.”

Per Tartick, the car had a red right, which the person driving “blew through it to make a right-hand turn.”

“I don’t know what angel was looking over us, I don’t know who was watching our backs,” said Tartick, who noted that he was not texting or on the phone. “My first response was… to lift Pinot back with my left hand and then I just literally put my a** hip checked into the hood of this minivan… I dented the hood.”

After he was hit, Tartick said his first response was to look at Pinot, who escaped unscathed. Next, he spoke to the driver of the car.

“I was so pissed, I slammed the hood. I had some choice words,” he said. “The guy was apologetic, like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God.’ And then I just panicked. He stopped. I just took off… I panicked.”

When Tartick and Pinot caught up with Bristowe and Ramen at the dog park, the former Bachelorette quickly questioned, “Oh my God, are you OK?”

“I look at myself. I’m so fortunate I was just bruised. My right leg is bruised and my right butt is sore, but that’s it,” Tartick said. “The luckiest in the world. Got cranked by a car and that’s it.”

Following the incident, Tartick, who said he filed a police report after the fact, had some words of advice for both drivers and pedestrians.

“If you’re a car driving in a city, stop at a read light. Stop! You’ll kill someone,” he said. “Rule number two is, if you’re on a crosswalk, even if it says go, keep your head on a swivel. If I was texting, I’d probably be dead right now. If I didn’t have my head up to pull him back and turn, who knows what would’ve happened.”

Tartick concluded his video by quipping, “I’ve never been hit by a car before. I can check that off the list.”

“Thank God, thank God, nothing happened to this cutie, and thank God all that happened to me was a little bruise,” he said. “We are lucky boys.”

In the caption, Tartick wrote, “So much for a relaxing night after golf… ALWAYS BE CAREFUL on crosswalks! Pinot and I are beyond fortunate to walk away from that unscathed.”

Bristowe commented on her fiancé’s post, writing that she’s “still shook” from the incident.

“So glad you guys are OK. I can’t even handle the sound I heard!” she wrote. “Everyone be safe out there!”

Tartick and Bristowe got engaged back in May, after more than two years together. What the video below to see ET’s exclusive details about Tartick’s proposal.


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