Lizzo and Niall Horan sparked an online frenzy with their flirty “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” exchange Tuesday.

Guest host Horan interviewed the hitmaker, and fans immediately labelled them the best couple ever as they chatted about her new single “Rumors” with Cardi B, how they first met, and more.

Lizzo definitely didn’t hold back as she fired compliment after compliment at the One Direction star, with Horan gladly accepting them.

They also spoke about their fans’ names, with Horan revealing his were now “Horan Dogs”, which Lizzo joked sounded very different with an American accent.

She added, “I think you’re giving me a one erection baby.”

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Horan went on to ask her about one line in her latest track, “No I ain’t f**k Drake yet,” with Lizzo laughing: “So the original line was ‘No I ain’t f**k Niall yet,’ but the label said it was a bit provocative so I changed it to Drake… a safer bet.”

Lizzo added of her and Horan’s first meeting at a London, U.K. radio station: “They introduced me to you. And you were like, ‘Congratulations, Lizzo, you’re smashing it’. And I was like, ‘I’ll smash you.'”

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The pair then took things up a notch by taking a compatibility test to see if they were a true match.

One of the questions was whether they would sign a prenup if they were to get married, with Lizzo saying: “Wait a minute, who got more money? I want some of that One Direction money! You know what, no, I trust you. We wouldn’t have to sign a prenup.”

See some of the fans’ reaction to the pair’s flirtatious interview below.