Storm Large showed off her killer vocals once again during Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” live quarterfinals.

The 52-year-old put her own spin on a-ha’s “Take on Me”, but the slowed-down version of the classic 1985 track didn’t go down well with the judges.

However, they all agreed that Large, who took the stage in a stunning red dress, had an amazing voice and definitely looked the part after nabbing America’s Wildcard vote.

Heidi Klum gushed, “You look incredible, you look like Jessica Rabbit tonight. You sing amazing, you are a force of nature.”

Sofia Vergara agreed that she was super-talented, but added: “I’m sure people are going to love you, but for me this was not better than the first audition song,” referencing Large’s show-stopping audition earlier this year that saw her belt out “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

“Ultimately, this show is about choice. I don’t know that that was the best song choice to move you ahead,” Howie Mandel admitted.

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Simon Cowell told the singer, “First of all, I really, really like you. And I admire you, and you’re gutsy. There was a rawness about you on this first audition which somehow has gotten lost.

“I don’t know what happened — you know, even your styling. Everything was just too soft tonight, in my opinion.”

See more in the clip above.