“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” guest-host Niall Horan took the Jonas Brothers golfing on Tuesday’s show, but it wasn’t your average game.

Horan had the group battle it out, each with a different task from the “Wheel of Stupidity”.

The One Direction star shared, “Since we’re such good golfers we thought it’d be only fair if we were to play golf, we would handicap ourselves.

“So in the ‘Wheel of Stupidity’ here, we’ve got some balls with handicaps on them and we gotta do what it says.”

Horan was kitted out in a kilt with a full set of bagpipes while playing golf, while Joe Jonas had to put his club on his forehead and spin around 10 times and swing while dizzy.

Joe didn’t do too well and was pictured with his head in the sand at one point.

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Nick had to cover his club in lube, making it super slippery; Kevin, meanwhile, had to take his shots as the rest of the group blew air horns.

See which team were crowned winners after they split into two groups — Horan and Kevin vs. Nick and Joe — in the clip above.

Elsewhere on the show, Horan also revealed how his new fan group’s name is “Horan Dogs”, something guest Lizzo found very amusing.