Klek Entos scared the audience and split the judges with his latest act of deception on “America’s Got Talent”.

The horror magician invited “AGT” judge Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews to take part. The stage was designed to look like a hotel and Entos told the story of a hotel fire that killed people while holding his hand over a candle flame.

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By the end (spoiler alert for those who want to watch the video above), Entos conjures a ghost on the set. Well, a screaming woman wearing creepy contact lenses and face paint.

Judge Simon Cowell almost immediately hit his buzzer, expressing his boredom from the get-go.

“It took a long time to get there and it wasn’t a great ending,” Cowell told Entos.

Fellow judge Heidi Klum had kinder feedback for the horror magician.

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“It’s scary and I enjoyed it.”

Howie Mandel and Vergara were on the same page, with the former saying it played out like a great horror movie and the latter insisting it was enjoyable once it got moving.