Some of your biggest questions about space are about to be answered.

BBC Earth will look into “the most challenging and intriguing questions facing science” with “Brian Cox Adventures In Space And Time”.

The four-part series will be presented by Professor Brian Cox from inside the historic Royal Institution in London where he will “once again [be] exploring profound questions, such as whether we’re alone in the universe and where will space exploration take us in the near future?” that he previously addressed in other BBC shows such as “The Planets”, “Forces of Nature” and “Wonders of the Universe”.

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Speaking exclusively to ET Canada, Cox said, “It’s been great fun looking back over the last decade at the programs I’ve made about the Universe for the BBC. A lot has changed in that short time. Commercial rockets have begun to fly into space, with Bezos, Musk and Branson opening up a new era in which living and working in Earth orbit will become routine. We’ve visited Pluto for the first time, explored Mars in increasing detail in the search for life beyond Earth and made great progress on the long journey towards understanding black holes and the nature of space and time.”

Adding, “In this series I look both backwards and forwards. The films I’ve made are a snapshot of the questions we were asking a few years ago, but as always in science, as we’ve answered some of those, new and perhaps deeper questions have appeared over the horizon. The horizon is where we need to be, and that’s where we’ll go in this series.”

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“Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time” airs on Tuesdays starting Aug. 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on BBC Earth.