No one knows if Michael Keaton ever got his custom horse-saddle.

Keaton, 69, is living life at a horse ranch in Montana. The veteran actor felt like treating himself, and so he reached out to a custom saddler maker with the last name Cooper. You might see where this is going.

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“He emails me back, ‘Who is this?’ I go, ‘Who is this? What are you talking about, who is this?’ Keaton told “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Wednesday. “I had been mistakenly emailing Bradley Cooper.”

“He said, ‘I thought it was really a great gag but I kind of ran out, you know, because you were getting really specific,'” Keaton added.

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Keaton and Cooper have never appeared on-camera before, but perhaps they exchanged emails at an Academy Awards luncheon in 2015.

The Academy Award-nominated Best Actor will reprise his iconic role as Batman in “The Flash” movie next year. He will also star alongside Jared Leto and Matt Smith in Marvel’s “Morbius”, plus play the lead role in the upcoming miniseries “Dopesick”.