Molly Shannon and Jimmy Fallon had a cry-off during the actress’s “Tonight Show” appearance Wednesday.

Fallon suggested the pair eventually try to shed actual tears during another one of Shannon’s interviews, before she asked if they were going to do it now.

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The host said he wasn’t prepared, insisting “I’ve got to be in the zone,” but eventually relented.

Shannon admitted, “This is pressure! I mean I’ll try,” then destroyed Fallon.

She said through tears, “I had a moment where I was like, ‘This is so sweet, being with an audience.’

“Its so sweet being back with people… I love you, Jimmy,” which resulted in Fallon also shedding actual tears.

He said, “You got me!”

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During her appearance, Shannon also spoke about first meeting Fallon and reminded him what “bed seven” means.

See more in the clip below.

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