David Duchovny is remembering a time when he avoided being recruited by scientologists. 

The “X-Files” star spoke about the strange incident during a new interview with The Daily Beast.

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“They made a play for me,” remembered the actor, who was attending a wedding that day. “I did squeeze the cans and I did a session on the E-meter, and I realized immediately, because they’re asking very personal questions, that they were gathering information that I didn’t want to give out to a stranger.”

Despite the “auditing,” Duchovny said “the session didn’t go well.”

“I didn’t play by the rule,” he added, “and I never went back.”

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Duchovny was attending “Melrose Place” star Jason Beghe’s nuptials when the incident took place. 

Beghe, who was a Scientologist at the time, wasn’t trying to bring his friend on board with the movement. 

“He only ‘recruited’ me in the sense of saying, ‘This is great, and I think you should try it,’ not anything harder than that,” Duchovny insisted. 

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Beghe ultimately left Scientology and said the church was a “cult.”

Duchovny also told the outlet that he believes Scientology “drains” its members “financially.”