Tina Knowles is defending her daughter Beyoncé against “activists” and the backlash surrounding her Tiffany campaign.

Trolls hit the comment section after the luxury brand shared their “About Love” campaign starring the “Crazy In Love” singer, 39, and her husband Jay-Z, calling Queen Bey out for wearing the famed 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond, which is from a colonial mine in Kimberley, South Africa.

The diamond, which has only ever been worn by four people, is defined as a blood diamond, which means it was mined and sold to fund military action against a government.

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“It’s the fact that Beyoncé did a whole album and went mama Africa then went to wear a blood diamond,” Twitter user @Ewmide pointed out on Twitter. “I love Beyoncé but it’s very contradictory.”

But as @Des_Ti_M pointed out, “Lady Gaga wore that diamond necklace and it was all love but as soon as it’s on Beyoncé’s neck y’all suddenly remember where it’s from and how it’s a blood diamond.”

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“How many of you socially conscious activists own diamonds? I thought so,” Knowles responded to the backlash. “Well, guess what? Did you go to try to check to see where the diamond came from? Probably not.”

She continued, “So when you guys get engaged you won’t have a diamond you gonna put on a sterling silver band. And you better check out where it came from and the origin of where came from and why you add it check out the calls for the Leather that you weird because they made it came from another country to ban and not buy diamonds right because [you’re] righteous!!”

Lady Gaga wore the diamond to the Oscars in 2019. It was first worn by Audrey Hepburn.