It’s been nearly a decade since “Entourage” ended its run before returning in 2015 for a one-off feature film.

However, that may not be the last we see of movie star Vincent Chase, his buddies and avaricious agent Ari Gold, with Kevin Dillon (who played Johnny “Drama” Chase in the series) revealed in a November 2020 interview that series creator Doug Ellin was bouncing around the idea of reviving the show; Ellin subsequently posted a cryptic message on Instagram, writing that he’s “considering my consideration.”

If Ellin does decide to reboot “Entourage”, star Adrian Grenier revealed that he’s “pretty open” to the idea of reviving his role as Vince.

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“First, I’ll look at the deal,” said Greiner in an interview with Entertainment Weekly to promote his new Netflix series “Clickbait”.

“What is it? What are we doing? I’m pretty open to anything,” he added. “I’m pretty focused right now, but if there’s an opportunity to reboot ‘Entourage’, I’d certainly take a look.”

In fact, Grenier even has an idea for a potential reboot that would reverse the fortunes of Vince and sidekick/driver Turtle, played by Jerry Ferrara.

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“Turtle would be the Vince, Turtle would be the celebrity,” he explained.  “And I’d drive him.”

Grenier’s interview did not go unnoticed by Ellin.

“Noted,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a headline featuring Grenier’s comments.

Ellin then told TMZ that all five of the original cast would have to return for him to do it.

“I wouldn’t do it without the five of them,” Ellin said. “Mark Wahlberg just needs to call HBO and make it happen and all will be good.”

Adding, “We’ll see. I have not made a specific interaction with them yet but I have a lot of stuff about how I can do this, if it happens, because I’ve had so much free time during the pandemic. So I’ve written stuff. I’ve got a lot of ideas.”