William Shatner’s iconic recording career is still going strong.

The 90-year-old “Star Trek” star announced his new spoken word album Bill, out Sept. 24.

The album, which is being released via Joe Jonas’ new label Let’s Get It! Records/Republic Records, features spoken word combined with genre-bending music.

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Songs on the album chronicle moments throughout Shatner’s life, and the “ideas, challenges, and questions he’s confronted along the way.”

Photo: Universal Music Group
Photo: Universal Music Group

Shatner is also releasing two singles from the album, “Clouds of Guilt” feat. Joe Jonas and “So Far From the Moon” feat. Brad Paisley.

The songs on the album were co-written and produced by Dan Miller of They Might Be Giants, along with writer Robert Sharenow.

Also featured on the album are contributions from guitarist Joe Walsh, pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph, musician John Lurie, saxophonist Dave Koz and more.

“Through a series of phone calls, texts, and emails, music and words flew back and forth across the country,” Shatner said. “The [Covid-19] crisis created an urgency and quickly unleashed a candour between us that allowed us to peel back layers that sat on the surface of a subject to reveal the depth of truth buried underneath. What better time to contemplate life’s biggest questions than during a global pandemic? Some songs touched on painful or beautiful moments, while others turned into elliptical philosophical explorations about the very nature of existence and death.”

The actor added, “Bill blends long-form autobiographical poetry and prose, music, spoken word performance art, and philosophical exploration. Toggling between passion and despair, reflection and yearning, this collection explores my life journey during a pivotal and chilling moment of history.”

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Talking about working with Shatner on the album, Jonas said, “I’ve been a fan of Bill’s for as long as I can remember. He’s iconic. To not only be featured on one of his songs that mean so much to him but to also get to be a label partner on the entire project, it’s an honour.”

Paisley added, “It’s so interesting to hear what effect the moon landing had on Bill, because every generation of astronauts since those days credit him with inspiration. I’m so proud to be on this track.”

Bill is Shatner’s 11th album, following his 2020 release The Blues.

Check out the full track list:

  1. “I Ride”
  2. “Made In The Shade” feat. Joe Walsh
  3. “Clouds of Guilt” feat. Joe Jonas
  4. “So Far From the Moon” feat. Brad Paisley
  5. “Love, Death, and Horses”
  6. “Just Forgive” feat. Robert Randolph
  7. “Loneliness” feat. John Lurie
  8. “Thunder and Fire” feat. Joan as Police Woman
  9. “The Bridge” feat. Daniel Miller
  10. “Black Horse”
  11. “Masks” feat. Dave Koz
  12. “Monday Night in London”
  13. “Toughie” feat. Robert Randolph
  14. “What Do We Know”