Jason Momoa is giving fans the sweatiest thank you.

After hearing of the success of his last film, “Sweet Girl”, on Netflix, the actor, 42, thanked fans for making the flick a hit.

The clip, which was shared to Netflix’s official Twitter account, shows a sweaty Momoa in the middle of a workout.

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“Thank you everybody for watching ‘Sweet Girl’. We’re back in it… last time was two years ago,” the “Game Of Thrones” alum said in the video.

He added, “Thank you for watching. Love you. Keep supporting it. Still number one. 91 out of 94 countries.”

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In their caption, Netflix thanked Momoa for going shirtless.

“I would like to thank Jason Momoa for this video where he thanks everyone who has watched ‘Sweet Girl’,” the streaming giant wrote.

“Sweet Girl”, per the official logline, follows “a devastated husband [who] vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left, his daughter.”